Gregory J. Magarian, MD, FACP

Greg Magarian, MD Professor of Medicine
Medicine Teaching Service



MD: University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesvile, FL, 1970 


Chief Residency: Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA, 1976
Residency: Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA, 1975
Internship: Latter-Day Saints Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT, 1971

Clinical Interests:

Student Education in Medicine Clerkships
Hyperventilation Syndromes and Responses to Hyperventilation

Representative Publications:

  1. Magarian GJ: Hyperventilation Syndromes: Infrequently Recognized Common Expressions of Anxiety and Stress.  Medicine 1982;61:219-236.
  2. Magarian GJ, Mazur DJ: Evaluation of Medical Students in Medicine Clerkhsips. Acad Med 1990;65:341-345.
  3. Magarian GJ, Mazur DJ: Grading in Medicine Clerkships: An analysis of Systems Used and Grade Distributions. Acad Med 1990;65:636-639.
  4. Magarian GJ, Mazur DJ: Does Performance in the NBME Part II Medicine Exam Reflect Knowledge Acquired During the Clerkship When Used as a Medicine Clerkship Exam? J Gen Intern Med 1991;6:145-149.
  5. Magarian GJ, Mazur DJ: The Hyperventilation Challenge Test: Another Means of identifying Coronary Vasospasm in Patients with Angina-like Chest Pain. Chest 1991:99:199-204.
  6. Magarian GJ: Influence of a Medicine Clerkship Conference Series on Students Acquisition of Knowledge. Acad Med 1993;68:923-926.
  7. Magarian GJ: Evaluation and Grading of Students on Clerkships. In: Fincher R-ME, ed. Handbook for Clerkship Directors. AAMC, 1996;30-44.
  8. Magarian GJ, Pangaro LN. Converting Evaluations Into Grades. In: Fincher R-ME, ed. Guidebook for Clerkship Directors. AAMC, 2000;99-104.


  • United States Air Force, Active duty flight surgeon, Travis Air Force Base, CA, 1971-1973
  • Faculty Member OHSU - Since 1978
  • More inpatient ward attending experiences than another faculty member at OHSU
  • Hospitalist at OHSU since 1997
  • Clerkship Director of Internal - Founding member and organization's first president and national meeting organizer
  • OHSU Medicine Clerkship Director - Since 1984.

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