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Women's Health

Several OHSU researchers are doing research to improve women's health.  For more information on specific projects related to women's health, see the Division's pages on Violence and Abuse, Osteoporosis, Racial and Ethnic Disparities, and Evidence Synthesis.

Selected Papers

  1. Choo, E., Nicolaidis, C, Hall, M.K., Newgard, C., Lowe, R.A., McConnell, K.J.  "The Association Between Emergency Department Resources and Diagnosis of Intimate Partner Violence." European Journal of Emergency Medicine.  2012. 19(2)83-8. (PMID 22391615)
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  4. Nicolaidis, C., Perez, M., Mejia, A., Alvarado, A., Celaya-Alston, R., Galian, H,, Hilde, A.  "'Guardarse las cosas adentro' (keeping things inside): Latina violence survivors' perceptions of depression."  Journal of General Internal Medicine.  2011:26(10):1131–7. (PMID: 21626052)
  5. Nicolaidis, C., Timmons, V., Thomas, M.J., Waters, A.S., Wahab, S., Mejia, A., Mitchell, S.R.  "'You don't go tell white people nothing':  African-American women discuss the influence of violence and race on depression and depression care."  American Journal of Public Health. 2010:100(8):1470-6. (PMID: 20558811)
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