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Mental Health in Primary Care

Selected Papers

  1. Nicolaidis, C., Perez, M., Mejia, A., Alvarado, A., Celaya-Alston, R., Galian, H,, Hilde, A.  "'Guardarse las cosas adentro' (keeping things inside): Latina violence survivors' perceptions of depression."  Journal of General Internal Medicine.  2011:26(10):1131–7. (PMID: 21626052)
  2. Nicolaidis, C., Timmons, V., Thomas, M.J., Waters, A.S., Wahab, S., Mejia, A., Mitchell, S.R.  "'You don't go tell white people nothing':  African-American women discuss the influence of violence and race on depression and depression care."  American Journal of Public Health. 2010:100(8):1470-6.
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