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04/03/2014 OHSU students offer free health screenings for uninsured, underinsured Oregonians
04/01/2014 Wolfram Laub, PhD, Gives QA Seminar
04/01/2014 Wolfram Laub, PhD, MBA is Invited to Speak in Buenos Aires
03/31/2014 Clinical trial results inconsistently reported among journals, government website
03/27/2014 Judith Baggs Receives Distinguished Researcher Award
03/27/2014 Radiation Medicine welcomes two new Radiation Oncology Residents starting in July 2015
03/26/2014 Bioimaging at the Nanoscale 2014
03/26/2014 OHSU scientist breaks new ground in embryonic stem cells
03/21/2014 Kathleen Holton Heading for American University
03/21/2014 Megan McClintick Wins Best Poster Award
03/21/2014 Garet Lahvis Wins Prestigious Literary Award
03/21/2014 Wendy McGinnis and Derek Zachman are recipients of grants from research awards from the RSNA Research & Education Foundation’s Research Medical Student Grant Review Panel
03/20/2014 Future physicians find their ‘match’ Friday, March 21
03/18/2014 Wendy McGinnisa has been awarded an OSLER TL1 fellowship
03/18/2014 Oregon Poison Center at OHSU celebrates National Poison Prevention Week
03/12/2014 Donors step up with $86 million in early giving to end cancer as we know it
03/05/2014 OHSU announces creation of new embryonic stem cell and gene therapy center
02/25/2014 Melanie Pina Receives OHSU Vertex Scholarship
02/24/2014 Joe Gray, Ph.D., receives NCI Alfred G. Knudson Award in Cancer Genetics
02/24/2014 OHSU-Intel video: The power of innovative collaboration

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