Residency Basics

Residency Mission Statement

The mission of OHSU Family Medicine Residency is to develop Family Physicians and foster leaders and stewards of health.

Residency Values and Principles

  1. Education: Training residents for clinical excellence in generalist full-spectrum care in a wide array of settings, and a commitment to quality health education for students, residents, faculty, and patients.
  2. Quality Care: Provision of premier quality, comprehensive, compassionate care for individuals and families throughout the life cycle.
  3. Care for the Underserved: Dedication to optimizing health and its socioeconomic determinants for underserved, disadvantaged, and vulnerable populations, and the empowerment of marginalized individuals and groups, with special attention to urban poor, mentally ill, and geographically isolated segments of society.
  4. Continuity of Care: A cornerstone of patient health and resident education.
  5. Resident Well-being: Support for the needs of residents and their families, and fostering of a mutually supportive environment within OHSU Family Medicine as well as between our Department and the departments through which we rotate.
  6. Adaptability: Flexibility in the training paradigm, allowing for timely and dynamic response to the rapidly evolving face of health care.
  7. Community: Responsibility to the well-being of the broader community through community partnership and advocacy.
  8. Diversity: Commitment to the promotion and support of diversity within the residency, and amongst faculty, students, staff, and patients.
  9. Leadership: Embracing a leadership role within the University with regards to patient care, student and resident education, and policy planning and development. Training and supporting residents to become leaders in the field of Family Medicine at local, state, regional, national and international levels.
  10. Scholarship: Advancing the field of Family Medicine through support of original research, writing, program planning and other scholarly endeavors.