South Waterfront

OHSU Family Medicine at South Waterfront, located in the Center for Health and Healing

Mission: Dedicated to Care - Meeting Your Needs While Exceeding Your Expectations


Location: Located in the Center for Health & Healing at the OHSU campus on the South Waterfront.


Time from OHSU: 3 minutes by aerial tram


Physical Plant:

Opened in October 2006 on the 9 th floor of the OHSU’s Center for Health and Healing

Connected to the main OHSU campus by an aerial tram

Comprehensive electronic health record

26 exam rooms plus a procedure room, a therapy/counseling room, and a phlebotomy room

Radiology in the building

Multiple other patient services in the building including physical therapy and many consultants


Patient Demographics

About 38,000 patient visits per year [3000 per month, about 150 per day]

A significant number of non-English speaking patients may require the use of an interpreter (Vietnamese, Cambodian, Chinese, Laotian, Spanish)

60% of all patients are female - 40% are male - 15% are female <18 yrs - 16% are male <18 yrs

We often serve as primary care physicians for patients with more unusual or complicated diseases who see one or more specialists at OHSU

Many OHSU employees choose us as for their primary care needs

We provide maternity and child care services to White Shield, a residential facility for pregnant teens

Many of our patients have been cared for in the practice by residents for many years and are accepting of resident physicians


Clinical Resources: 

First trimester abortions done in the clinic-open to all residents including those based at our other clinical sites

Behavioral Science faculty on site

Psychiatry Consultation on site

Integrative Medicine Services, including acupuncture

Faculty Mix

15 MD faculty (Medical Director is also Associate Residency Director)

3 FNP faculty

1 LCSW therapist

1 PA

1 Acupuncturist


Aspects to Consider:

Large number of OHSU employee patients (including MDs, RNs, CMAs, administrative staff, maintenance staff, and their families)

Significant number of non-English speaking patients

Relatively few geriatric patients

Residents’ parking is a available either at the clinic site or a tram ride away on the main OHSU campus; there is a fee for this parking access

Serve a varied mix of patients including a commercially insured and long standing indigent population in the Tri-county area around Portland

Patients come from diverse neighborhoods

Serve many individuals from the immigrant community in Portland