How it Works

Family & Preventive Medicine logoResidents who do not hold an MPH will enter one of two MPH tracks in the Oregon MPH Program:  The Health Management and Policy track at Portland State University (PSU) or the Epidemiology and Biostatistics track at OHSU.  The PSU Health Management and Policy track focuses on health policy, strategic management, healthcare quality, program evaluation and leadership.  The OHSU track focuses on developing quantitative epidemiologic skills for application in research or practice.  Residents take core courses in both programs to round out their education.  Those who already hold an MPH are encouraged to take electives that meet their specific practice and career needs. Explore the tracks and specific course options here.

The first year of residency is dedicated to Family Medicine.  In the second and third years, residents integrate Family Medicine training and the MPH curriculum.  The fourth year is devoted to MPH coursework and a Preventive Medicine practicum experience that helps residents apply that course work and to develop real-world experience in health policy and public health.

Training occurs in university and community settings with excellence in patient care, population-based medicine, teaching and research.  Portland and Oregon provide a wealth of practicum opportunities in organizations such as state health policy research, local health departments and state public health divisions.  At the end of four years, graduates have completed their MPH and are board eligible in both Preventive Medicine and Family Medicine.

Application process

The OHSU Joint Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine Residency Program will not conduct separate interviews this year. Candidates matching to the OHSU Family Medicine Residency Program with a strong interest in Preventive Medicine will have an opportunity to focus their four-year education on Preventive Medicine. Additionally, some residents may have the opportunity to enter the Joint Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine Residency at the end of intern year.

Most candidates who are interested in this type of dual training are very familiar with Family Medicine, its breadth and depth. However, the specialty of Preventive Medicine is often less familiar. It is also a broad field, but with a focus on population health. Physicians in the specialty can focus on anything from health policy to prevention at the individual patient level. Our Preventive Medicine residency is in the specialty of Public Health and General Preventive Medicine.