Fourth Year (PGY4)

Anticipated Rotations - Class of 2019

All rotations are 1 block per year unless otherwise noted.

Family Medicine Inpatient Service

Fourth-year residents will function as leaders of clinical teams while supervising an intern and a sub intern on one of our family medicine inpatient teams.In addition, they will be responsible for quality improvement efforts and the transitions of care curriculum for the inpatient teams.

Night Team 2 Blocks

Fourth-year residents will cover the inpatient services in teams of two.This will be 2-3 nights per week. They will be available for regular clinical care and focus on hospital follow up visits either in the office or on home/rehab center visits.

Adolescent & Community Resource

This rotation will focus on adolescents as a particularly vulnerable population which requires a different skill set from the physician and an understanding how community resource differ for this population as compared to adults and the pediatric population.

Elective (may be out of state)

Electives offer residents the opportunity to further modify their residency experience and to address areas of interest or deficiency outside of their area of concentration.

Population & Systems Management

In addition to the longitudinal curriculum on population management, this rotation will focus on putting those skills to work in the resident's Family Health Center and in the community.

Clinical Enterprise Leadership

Building on the longitudinal curriculum on leadership, this rotation will require the resident to demonstrate leadership of a team within the Family Health Center.

Developmental Pediatrics

Residents will spend this rotation gaining a deeper understanding of abnormal pediatric development and how the Patient Centered Primary Care Home can work with community resources and medical specialists to provide optimum care to families with special needs children.

Areas of Concentration 4 blocks

These are modifiable blocks of time that unlike electives are meant to have a particular focus that will be sustained over the last 2 years of the residency. This time is also to be used in making progress on capstone projects.

Capstone Project

These are one to two week blocks throughout the year. In the fourth year these are to be used to insure timely completion of the resident's capstone project. The Capstone project itself is a long term project that will culminate in an outcome that can be generalized to Family Medicine beyond the walls of our clinics and department. Examples might be a research publication, a quality improvement project or a degree/certificate thesis.

Population Management Longitudinal Curriculum

This longitudinal block is structured in the same way as in previous years.Residents will develop an understanding of the unique skills and knowledge required to care for a community and how this fits in with leadership, the Patient Centered Primary Care Home and information management.

Leadership Longitudinal Curriculum

This longitudinal block is structured in the same way as in previous years. Residents will build on leadership skills gained from the first leadership longitudinal and the subsequent years. They will also be very involved in the teaching of leadership to residents in earlier years.