Second Year (PGY2)

Anticipated Rotations - Class of 2019

All rotations are 1 block per year unless otherwise noted.

Family Medicine Inpatient Service

Second year residents begin functioning as leaders of clinical teams while supervising an intern and a sub intern on one of our family medicine inpatient teams.

Geriatrics Outpatient

Residents will be engaged in experiential learning within the nursing home setting and hospice while gaining an understanding of the care of elderly patients.

Family Medicine Maternity/Newborn

Second-year residents will supervise an intern, while they provide care for the maternity care patients from our practices and local safety net clinics. The team also cares for newborns from this population.

Social Medicine

This rotation provides the opportunity for residents to experience how social and economic conditions impact health and the practice of medicine.

Emergency Medicine

Second year residents will practice in the OHSU emergency department. Residents cover for night shifts per week, which allows for maximum independence.

Gynecology at Emmanuel

Residents will cover labor and delivery at a busy community Hospital, GYN clinic and ER consultations for common GYN problems. Residents will participate in Colposcopy and LEEP clinic at our Gabriel Park, family health Center once a week.

Outpatient Pediatrics

Residents will see children in the setting of a local safety net clinic which caters primarily to a Hispanic population.

Medical Intensive Care Unit

Residents gain experience in the care of critically ill adults during this rotation at the Portland Veteran’s Affairs hospital which is adjacent to OHSU.

Elective Outpatient

This rotation may be taken away from OHSU. Residents are expected to use elective time to work on areas of special interest or to reinforce areas of need.

Night Team

Second year residents will do 4 nights per week of night float coverage. They will be paired with a third year resident during this time. The team will cover all four of the Family Medicine inpatient services.

Rural Family Medicine (John Day or Enterprise, OR) 2 blocks

Residents will spend 2 blocks in a practice in small town Oregon. You will be an integral member of the practice and will participate in clinic, ED coverage, hospital rounds, maternity care, C/S, endoscopy as well as practice management and community participation.

Family Medicine Intensive

Family medicine intensive blocks are one to two week blocks throughout the year. During the intensive blocks of the second year, residents will cover the inpatient service for half the time. The other half of the time will be spent in group didactics and clinic. Residents will continue to refine their individual learning plan and finalize their area of concentration and capstone project.

Information Management Longitudinal Curriculum

Information management longitudinal curriculum follows the same general template as the other longitudinal areas. This curriculum focuses on developing lifelong learning skills, and management of data from the resident’s clinical practice.