Research Areas


Investigator Title of Study
Buckley Activating Rural Clinics and Women with Disabilities to Improve Cancer Screening (CROSSROADSII)
Carney Accuracy of Breast Pathology & the Impact of Technology and Double Reading (B-Path)
Carney Accuracy of the Diagnosis of Melanoma & the Impact of Technology & Double Reading (M-Path)
Carney Family Medicine Length of Training Pilot Evaluation (LoT)
Cohen Prevention/Care Management Technical Assistance Center (Westat)
Cohen Advancing Care Together:  Creating Systems of the Whole Person (ACT)
Cohen Survey Mod
Cohen Conduction a Meta-Analysis of Phase 2 Project Health/Design (Project HealthDesign)
Cohen Turning EHRs into Assets for Mental Health and Uniting Practice (Team Up)
Cohen Innovative Methods for Parents and Clinics to Create Tools for Kids' Care (PCORI IMPACCT)
Cohen Integrated Care Workforce Competencies Project (Tides Foundation)
Cohen Integrated Care Workforce Competencies Project (Maine Foundation)
DeVoe Assessing a Medicaid Randomized Insurance Experiment within community Clinics (CARDIAC)
Deyo Back Pain Outcomes using Longitudinal Data (BOLD)
Deyo Use of Acupuncture for Chronic Pain within at Integrated Health Plan (RELIEF)
Deyo Trajectory of Adverse events and Analgesia with Opioids in older adults (TAANGO)
Deyo Use of Prescription Monitoring Programs to Improve Patient Care and Outcomes
Deyo Trial of Lumbar Image Reporting with Epidemiology (LIRE)
Deyo Collaborative Care for Chronic Pain in Primary Care
Muench Dissemination of CVD risk factor treatment among diabetic patients in FQHCs
Muench Understanding Disparities in Preventive Services for Patients with Mental Illness