Jim Winkle, MPH

Jim Winkle, MPH,  joined the Department of Family Medicine in 2008. He is the Project Director of the SBIRT Oregon Residency Initiative.  The Initiative is a SAMHSA grant (PI: John Muench, MD) that aims to develop, implement, and evaluate curriculum promoting substance abuse Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) practices in primary care. Before coming to Family Medicine, Jim worked at OHSU where he trained primary care providers on assessing for Intimate Partner Violence. He has also managed community health education programs in Philadelphia and Minneapolis that targeted obesity, family planning, and HIV prevention.  He is interested in behavioral health research.

Recent Publications

Muench, J; Boverman, J; Jarvis, K; Hardman, J; Hayes, M; Winkle, J. (2012) "Tilling the Soil While Sowing the Seeds: Combining Resident Education with Medical Home Transformation." Substance Abuse. Vol. 33, Issue 3, June.

Muench, J; Winkle, J; Jarvis, K; Hayes, M. "Implementing SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment) into the Medical Home." 40th Annual Meeting, North American Primary Care Research Group, New Orleans, LA. Accepted for presentation for December, 2012.

Webber, S; Muench, J; Winkle, J; Hayes, M; Jarvis, K. "Does a Simpler Alcohol Screen Improve Integration of SBIRT into Family Practice?" Annual Meeting, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, New Orleans, LA. April, 2011.