Focus on Research Articles Archive


Date Author(s) Title
April Jennifer DeVoe, MD, DPhil Final results for the FAMILY study: Understanding public health insurance coverage in the context of the family
January Sara Keller, MPH, MSW
Integrating Patient-Generated Data into Primary Care


Date Author(s) Title
September Jim Winkle, MPH
July Richard Deyo, MD, MPH
NIH Task Force on Research Standards for Chronic Low Back Pain
May Sonja Likumahuwa, MID, MPH; Heather Angier, MPH
Frontiers of Health Care: a Blog to Disseminate Real-Time Research Findings
March Ryan Palmer, EdD; Fran Biagioli, MD; and Patty Carney, PhD Using Tablet Computers to Increase Student Engagement with fmCASES
January Alan Melnick, MD, MPH
Research to Improve the Nurse-Family Partnership in Community Practice: The Nurse Family Partnership Contraceptive Study


Date Author(s) Title
November Rick Deyo, MD
Trajectory of Adverse Events and Analgesia with Opioids in Older Adults” (TAANGO)
September Debbie Cohen, PhD; Sara Keller, MPH, MSW; Jennifer Hall, MPH; Rose Gunn, MA
Primary Care & Behavioral Integration
July Christina Milano, MD; Erin Kirk, Clinic Quality Control Manager
Decreasing Utilization & Improving Health via REaCH
May Jim Winkle, MPH; John Muench, MD
Grant aids in teaching SBIRT to primary care residents
March Roger Garvin, MD
Giving Residents Skills to Diagnose Mental Illness
January Jennifer DeVoe, MD, DPhil
Family's Access to Medical Care & Impact of Insurance Lapses on Children & Youth (FAMILY) Study


Date Author(s) Title
November Elaine Waller
P4 and Beyond:  The Birth of an Educational Network
September David Buckley, MD
Improving Disparities in Cancer Screening for Adults with Physical Disabilities