Program Application


Applicants will be notified of selection on February 1, 2013

 All ACGME-accredited residency programs in family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics are eligible to submit an application. The application must come from a team of residency program leaders in the three primary care disciplines who desire support for their faculty engaged in residency re-design and practice transformation. 

The PCFDI has a two-step application process: Step 1 is a Letter of Intent (LOI) and Step 2 is the full application. The LOI requires that you identify the three programs on your team and a statement that you intend to submit a full application and will participate in evaluation activities. It also requires that you identify a team leader and state that you have contacted your DIO about participating in PCFDI. The full application involves a description of your current clinical and educational environment and your plans for practice transformation and collaboration with your primary care colleagues. Letters of support are required from the Residency Program Director or Department chair for each discipline, and the Designated Institutional Official (DIO).

The Letter of Intent is due December 14, 2012

The LOI will NOT be used in the selection process. The LOI is for us to get a sense of who is committing to a full application. It will not be evaluated so you do not need to wait to work on your application pending any review of the LOI.

The full Application is due January 8, 2013

Read about the Application Review Process here