Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

All ACGME-accredited residency programs in family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics are eligible to submit an application. The application must come from a team of residency program leaders in the three primary care disciplines. All programs on the team must have been awarded a cycle length of at least 3 years in their prior ACGME accreditation visit. Programs on probation or with a cycle length less than 3 years are not eligible to be part of the team of residencies.


Can Medicine-Pediatrics residency programs participate in PCFDI?

Medicine-Pediatrics faculty members can be included in the faculty participants for either a Pediatric or Internal Medicine residency. However, Medicine-Pediatrics residencies can’t be used in place of one of the three required primary care residencies of Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics.


Do all selected institutions needs to be in the same HRSA region?

No. The first step of the application evaluation process will be to judge each application on its own merit. If the top applications cluster in one region, then PCFDI would more than likely hold its training in that region. Not only are we interested in seeing faculty members work together across disciplines, but in the bigger picture, would also like to pilot test cooperation within a region. However, we realize that it may not be possible for us to select programs from only one region in this first ever pilot because there are other factors we need to consider as well.


Do all faculty on the team need to be clinicians?

No. A faculty member who is an educational administrator or specialist who works in residency education can be included on your team. In fact, one of the three faculty members from each residency program should hold an educational leadership role in the program (e.g. associate residency director, curriculum director). It is desirable to include a faculty member in an ambulatory clinical leadership role from each residency also.


If our institution has two residencies of the same discipline, can they participate as one residency?

No. PCFDI requires one residency in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics. Two residencies can’t be combined to participate as one, even if they are from the same institution. If your institution has multiple residencies of the same discipline, we ask you to select one to participate on your team. All three faculty participants should be from the selected residency.


Will PCFDI pay for our participating faculty’s salaries or implementation of our team’s project?

While PCFDI covers the cost of travel, training, and training materials for all selected PCFDI participants, it does not cover any faculty salaries or costs associated with implementing participant projects.