Rural Community Health Clerkship

School of Medicine Curriculum

The Rural Community Health Clerkship is a required, third-year rotation for all OHSU medical students. It is not available to students from other institutions.

Overview: The five-week Rural Community Health Clerkship provides an opportunity for third year medical students to experience primary care as practiced in rural areas in Oregon. Each student will be supervised by a skilled and experienced primary care physician currently practicing in the rural community serving as the clerkship site. School of Medicine Requirements. The OHSU School of Medicine requires all medical students to participate in a clinical rotation in a primary care practice site in the University's Area Health Education Centers program.

The clinical practice unit (CPU), as the base for the primary care clerkships, is in a primary care medical practice with physicians who agree to supervise the education and training of students placed at the site. These CPUs are chosen to assure a high quality and representative experience for students while they participate in health care activities of a rural practice.

The preceptor will be practicing a primary care specialty in family medicine, general internal medicine or pediatrics. These kind of practices are expected to provide the greatest opportunity for students to experience, understand, and appreciate the breadth, depth, challenges and satisfactions of practice in a primary care setting. Primary care physicians practicing in rural areas throughout the state have shown great interest in sharing their skill and experience with medical students. Thus, we have participating preceptors in CPU's from Northeast Oregon, Central and South Central Oregon, coastal communities and practices in the rural areas of the Willamette Valley.