Principles of Clinical Medicine

Scott Fields, MD
Frances Biagioli, MD

Scott Fields, MD, MHA
FM Vice-Chair
SOM Interim Director of Medical Student Curriculum
PCM Leadership Team

Frances Biagioli, MD
Associate Director of FM Medical Student Education
PCM Preceptorship Director
PCM Leadership Team

Principles of Clinical Medicine (PCM) is a required course for first- and second-year OHSU medical students that includes the knowledge and skills required for medical students to become competent, professional physicians and leaders. It is administered by the PCM Leadership Team

PCM reinforces basic science material. The philosophy is based on the principle that students will take increased responsibility for their education and achieve skills required for life-long learning. The course is taught in a number of learning environments. 

The preceptorship component of PCM is the cornerstone of the curriculum.  It allows students to apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes to real patients. The experience has an ambulatory-care focus with emphasis on continuity of care.

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