Faculty Development

Faculty Development

The goal of faculty development in the Department of Family Medicine is skill building for faculty. Department conferences and learning communities provide both basic and advanced skill development in four major areas: Teaching, Scholarship, Leadership/Management, and Personal/Professional. Presentations are designed to meet the faculty development needs for a broad range of faculty from fellows and junior faculty to senior, experienced faculty.

Topic-Based Faculty Learning Communities

A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is focused on sharing expertise between colleagues to enhance knowledge and skills. Members of a FLC pursue shared goals while working within a framework of mutual trust and respect.


  1. Build collaboration and fellowship amongst faculty
  2. Provide an opportunity for a more interactive faculty development format
  3. Encourage the production of scholarly works for publication or presentation

Faculty Learning Community Format

  • Meet one - two times per month for at least six months
  • Facilitator chooses times and dates
  • Use technology to allow participation without being physically present, e.g. Adobe Connect
  • Use a standard schema for the group to establish mutually agreed upon goals and outcomes
  • Consistent faculty facilitator(s) leading the group
  • Topics for discussion driven by group with suggestions for useful topics from facilitator and other presenters

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