JADECOM Partnership

Japan Trip:  Celebration accomplishments

 Dr. Saultz receiving an award
John Saultz, MD. receives an award of appreciation from JADECOM Chairman Dr. Yoshiara
OHSU Family Medicine headed to Japan as part of our JADECOM Exchange Program. The team consisted of John Saultz, MD, department chair; Roger Garvin, MD, residency director; Daisuke Yamashita, MD, South Waterfront Clinic medical director; Eric Chen, MD, MPH, third-year resident at Richmond Clinic; Wes Fuhrman, fourth-year medical student; and Stacy Brungardt, STFM executive director.

Since 2000, when the department began its relationship with JADECOM, the relationship has benefitted both parties beyond expectations, Saultz said.

"As I attended the meetings in Japan and looked around at the physicians, almost all of them have visited Oregon," Saultz said.

"When I compare our department to the department we had 10 years ago, we now have two faculty who are fluent in Japanese. We have a staff person who can help translate and interact with JADECOM visitors culturally. We have a very rapidly growing population of Japanese patients who come to our South Waterfront Clinic. We clearly have developed friendships across the distance that I think are enduring friendships. I clearly got the sense from JADECOM that they are delighted with the relationship and would like to expand on that."

In the last 13 years, JADECOM physicians have been working to reorganize and improve primary care, Saultz said.

"They're very committed to a comprehensive scope of practice for family physicians in Japan. They're clearly committed to including in-patient care and the care of children in their scope of practice. And while they don't do maternity care there, it's clearly a major commitment for the country to not become out-patient only doctors."

The department can be proud to have been associated with JADECOM's efforts in these areas.

"I think (JADECOM is) making terrific progress, and I think they've made our department stronger by their association with us," Saultz said. "I think it's very clear that both sides are benefitting from the relationship, and I think the visit was sort of a celebration of what's been accomplished and a whole lot of enthusiasm about what we might do in the future. I think it remains to be seen what that might include, but I think both parties are very interested in talking about it."  Read the Japan Trip Travel Blog