Make A Gift

Make a Gift Online - (Mastercard, Discover, American Express or VISA) 

1.    Click the Make A Gift link here.

2.    Select Gift 1 – Select Area

3.    Select OHSU "School of Medicine."

4.    Check “Box” **Can’t find the fund you’re interested in supporting? Click to write it in below**

5.    Fund Name: OHSU Family Medicine or OHSU Family Medicine – Taylor Society. To become a Taylor Society member, type in $500.00.

6.    Complete the remainder of the form as directed.

Gifts by Mail

To make a gift by mail (check only), specify that your gift is for Family Medicine, and send your check to:

OHSU Family Medicine
c/o Coelleda O'Neil
OHSU Mail Code: FM
3181SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland OR 97239-3098

For more information please contact Coelleda O'Neil