Fellows are PhD students and postdocs whose education is funded by training or other grants. Fellows come from a variety of backgrounds including librarianship, medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine, computer science, and other disciplines. In the admissions process, demonstration of self-motivation and ability to complete projects is of paramount importance. The program also values intellectual diversity, aiming to achieve a complementary mix of students with varied backgrounds.

Pre-doc Fellows

Olubumi Akiwumi

Nathan Bahr

Aurora Blucher

Julie Doberne

Julian Egger

Travis Gamble

Nathan Lazar

Eric Leung

Eisa Mahyari

Smriti Rao

Geoffrey Schau

Kristen Stevens

Ryan Swan

Steven Williamson

Dana Womack

Post-doc Fellows

Alfredo Almerares

Steve Chamberlin

Mark Engelstad

Erin Hickman

Steven Kassakian

Krystal Klein

Joshua Meyer

Matthew Sundling