DMICE 10th Anniversary

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On April 1st, 2013, DMICE celebrated its 10th anniversary as a department in the School of Medicine. To mark this special occasion, a panel of distinguished DMICE faculty presented an overview of the diverse and cutting edge research activities of the department. Faculty panelists included:

Research Panel Talks

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David Dorr: "Redesigning Primary Care: addressing the needs of our most at-risk patients with Care Management Plus and Predictive Analytics"



List of Presenters

Poster Presentations

Name Poster Title
Karen Eden Evidence-based decision aids in women's health improved the decision-making process
Christina Bourgatsos

EPC Reports for the US Preventive Services Task Force

Heidi Nelson

How Results of BRCA Mutation Testing Predict Risks for Breast or Ovarian Cancer

Heidi Nelson

Benefits and Harms of Medications to Reduce Risk for Primary Breast Cancer

Steve Bedrick
Nancy Carney

A Collaborative Data Visualization Tool for Evidence-Based Guideline Development

Miranda Pappas American Pain Society
Shelley Selph

Systematic Review of the Benefits and Harms of Metformin to Treat Obesity in Nondiabetic Children

Amy Cantor

Body Mass Index and Breast Cancer Risk of Women in Their 40s: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Erika Cottrell

Understanding Safety Events in Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services for Children

Ngoc Wasson

Pressure Ulcer Guidelines

Aaron Cohen
Tracy Edinger

A Large Scale Analysis of the Reasons Given for Excluding Articles that are retrieved by Literature Search During Systematic Review

Erika Cottrell

Predictors of Hospital TOLAC Policies in California

Rochelle Fu
Shelley Selph

Benefits and Harms of rhBMP-2 in Spinal Fusion: Systematic Review and Analysis of Individual Patient Data

Steven Williamson

Information Needs of Remote Caregivers

Joanne Valerius
ONC/UBT Success at OHSU
Mike Chiang
Telemedicine and Tele-Education for Retinopsthy of Prematurity Care
Justin Fletcher
Skills Requiements of Health Information Security and Privacy Executives
Kathryn Pyle
History of DMICE
Judy Logan

The Importance of Quality Measures in GI Specialty Practices: A Qualitative Study

Aaron Cohen
A Large Scale Analysis of the Reasons Given for Excluding Articles that are Retrieved by Literature Search During Systematic Review
Vishnu Mohan
 Using EHR Simulations to Improve Patient Safety
Kemal Sonmez
Graphlet Counter
Paul Gorman

Translating Evidence Into Practice: Community Based Programs to Promote Screening Mammography

Paul Gorman

Workflow Assessment in Primary Care BY Primary Care: Evaluation of the AHRQ Workflow Assessment Toolkit

Elaine Graham
Ngoc Wasson

Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center

Michelle Hribar

Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource

Marian McDonagh
Ngoc Wasson

Drug Effectiveness Review Project

Ngoc Wasson

Comparative Effectiveness Research Center

Beth Wilmot
Multivariate Analysis of GWAS for Identification of Genetic Variants in Endophenotypes Related to Alzheimer's Disease
Annette Totten Public Reporting as a Quality Improvement Strategy


Description of Demonstration
Karen Eden
Breast Cancer Decision Aid
Holly Jimison
Cognitive Health Coaching Project
Vishnu Mohan

Using EHR Simulations to Improve Patient Safety

Shannon McWeeney
Holly Jimison
Yves Vimegnon

Mobile Phone Medication Reminder/Education System

Holly Jimison Jennifer Marcoe

Cognitive Health Coaching Project: Coaching Platform and Automated Messaging System

Holly Jimison
Zephy McKanna Krystal Klein

Cognitive Health Coaching Project: Models of Divided Attention Memory Using Adaptive Computer Games
Kemal Sonmez
Graphlet Counter
Ngoc Wasson

Making Sense of Medical Research Identify, Evaluating, and Synthesizing Effective Health Care Research