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Mark Baker, Certificate (2015)

Nigel Beejay, Certificate (2015)

Kailey Choi, Certificate (2015)

John Dainton, Certificate (2011)

Paul DeMuro, Certificate (2009)

Jennifer Gabrielle, Certificate (2015)

Kevin Heard, Certificate (2015)

Joseph Hung, Certificate (2015)

Amr Jamal, Certificate (2011)

Hanumantha Kolusu, Certificate (2010)

Brent Lorenzen, Certificate (2015)

Yuanye Lu, Certificate (2015)

Mark Meredith, Certificate (2015)

Hanna Nelson, Certificate (2015)

Phuong Nguyen, Certificate (2014)

Judit Olah, Certificate (2015)

Kim Osborne, Certificate (2012)

Latifat Oyekola, Certificate (2015)

Karen Pinsky, Certificate (2015)

Lazaro Sanchez-Pinto, Certificate (2014)

Kristen Sandersen, Certificate (2012)

Ewin Sequeira, Certificate (2015)

Eric Vinson, Certificate (2015)

Elizabeth Youmans, Certificate (2015)

John Dainton, MBI (2015)
Internship Project

Paul DeMuro, MBI (2012)
Capstone: Accountable Care

Jemal Ebrahim, MBI (2015)
Internship Project

Jose Gude, MBI (2015)
Capstone: Telehospitalist Program at Swedish Medical Center: Overview and Case Study of a Novel Telemedicine A

Jason Hwee, MBI (2015)
Capstone: Evaluating Virtualization and Workflow Management Systems for Biomedical Applications to Increase Co

Amr Jamal, MBI (2015)
Capstone: Smartphone Usage Among Medical Residents: A Cross Sectional Survey

William Jamieson, MBI (2015)
Capstone: Using Social Networking Analysis to Analyze the Function of Collaborative Care Teams in an Online So

Peter Jenson, MBI (2015)
Capstone: Epistasis, Polygenic Effects, and the Missing Heritability Problem: A Review of Machine Learning as

Krystal Klein, MBI (2015)
Capstone: Evaluation of Risk Communication in a Mammography Patient Decision Aid

Hanumantha Kolusu, MBI (2015)
Capstone: Information Overload and Its Effects on Healthcare Personnel

Thomas McCarrick, MBI (2015)
Capstone: Feasibility, Scope and Requirements for a Web Based Transition of Care Application for Primary Care

Elizabeth Murphy, MBI (2015)
Capstone: Building a Local Surgical Lexicon for Quality Improvement: The Operative Report Extraction Tool

Phuong Nguyen, MBI (2015)
Internship Project

Kim Osborne, MBI (2015)
Internship Project

Lazaro Sanchez-Pinto, MBI (2015)
Capstone: Predictive Analytics in the Pediatric ICU Using Electronic Health Record Data: Clinical Rationale,

Kristen Sandersen, MBI (2015)
Internship Project

Max Schimpf, MBI (2015)
Internship Project

Catherine Schlechter, MBI (2015)
Capstone: Mapping the Current State of Cancer Clinic Omics

Allan Simpao, MBI (2015)
Capstone: A Systematic Review of Near Real-Time and Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Support in Anesthesia Info

Binitha Surendran, MBI (2015)
Internship Project

Jeffrey Tripp, MBI (2015)
Internship Project

Levon Utidjian, MBI (2015)
Capstone: Developing Clinical Decision Support for Management of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia

Alfredo Almerares, MS (2015)
Thesis: Internists' Perceptions Regarding Patient Access to Progress Notes

Bryan Laraway, MS (2015)
Thesis: Comparative Analysis of Semantic Similarity and Gene Orthology Tools for Identification of Gene Cand

Janice Patterson, MS (2015)
Thesis: Understanding What's "Under The Hood": Increasing Accessibility in Omics Results

Erik Segerdell, MS (2015)
Thesis: How Can An Interactive Visual Analytics Tool Help Biomedical Scientists Investigate Genotype-Phenoty

Patricia Yao, MS (2000)
Thesis: Usability Testing of Medical Knowledge Resources

Dian Chase, PhD (2015)
Dissertation: The Electronic Health Record: Effects on Clinician Collaboration in Primary Care

Paul DeMuro, PhD (2015)
Dissertation: A Quality, Benefit, Cost and Financial Framework for Health Information Technology: A Model for E-Pr

Steven Williamson, PhD (2015)
Dissertation: The User-Centered Design of a Mobile App for Distance Caregivers of Older Adults That Live In Smart

Patricia Yao, PhD (2015)
Dissertation: Texting 4 Sexual Health to American Indian and Alaska Native Teens and Young Adults