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David Gelman, Certificate (2011)

Christopher Hoekstra, Certificate (2014)

Amy Wang, Certificate (2004)

David Gelman, MBI (2017)
Capstone: Building A Large Public Database of De-Identifed Electrocardiogram Data from a Single Emergency Depa

Christopher Hoekstra, MBI (2017)
Capstone: Development of a Decision Support Model for Post-Operative Management of Patients Undergoing Total K

Amy Wang, MBI (2017)
Capstone: Transitions Between Electronic Health Record Systems: Experiences from Diverse Health Sytems

Nathan Bahr, MS (2010)
Thesis: Discovering Synergistic Groups of Researchers for Translational

Nathan Bahr, PhD (2017)
Dissertation: Team Cognition in Context: Application of Novel Methods and Metrics to Characterize Team Performance