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Saaema Alavi, Certificate (2013)

Corneliu Antonescu, Certificate (2013)

Charmydevine Beane, Certificate (2013)

Barbara Blasko, Certificate (2013)

Cora Bosshart, Certificate (2013)

Jeffrey Brandt, Certificate (2013)

Melanie Buehler, Certificate (2013)

Vivien Choi, Certificate (2013)

Crystal Clearwater, Certificate (2013)

Christopher d'Autremont, Certificate (2013)

Shamsi Daneshvari, Certificate (2013)

Tatyana Drevaleva, Certificate (2013)

Jan Drlik, Certificate (2013)

David English, Certificate (2011)

Eric Gebhardt, Certificate (2010)

Daniel Graham, Certificate (2013)

Jodi Harper, Certificate (2013)

Timothy Hill, Certificate (2013)

Judi Hofman, Certificate (2013)

Larry Holder, Certificate (2013)

Hanson Hsu, Certificate (2013)

Meredith Josephs, Certificate (2013)

Molly Kneen, Certificate (2013)

Arthur Knepper, Certificate (2013)

Michael Kordek, Certificate (2009)

Dianne Laumann, Certificate (2013)

Leah Lewis, Certificate (2013)

Megan Lien, Certificate (2013)

Darren Lim, Certificate (2011)

Rhonda Luetkenhaus, Certificate (2013)

Robert Mohle, Certificate (2013)

Emily Mooney, Certificate (2013)

Sara Nash, Certificate (2013)

Mary ONeill, Certificate (2013)

Elizabeth Parker, Certificate (2013)

Dustin Pezall, Certificate (2013)

Katherine Pomeroy, Certificate (2013)

Phillip Scott, Certificate (2013)

Michelle Smerek, Certificate (2013)

Tara Smith, Certificate (2013)

Jerry Stultz, Certificate (2013)

Minakashi Tikoo, Certificate (2011)

Deborah Woodcock, Certificate (2013)

Sandhya Yanamadala, Certificate (2013)

Michelle Carter, MBI (2013)

David Choi, MBI (2013)
Capstone: Exploring the OHM Problem: Evaluating Legacy Employee Health's Software Solution

David English, MBI (2013)
Capstone: Evaluation of an Emergency Department System Replacement: Socio-Technical Assessment of a Failed Pr

Eric Gebhardt, MBI (2013)
Capstone: The Patient Identification Process As It Relates to Electronic Health Record Safety: A Literature R

David Gutglass, MBI (2013)
Capstone: Can a Clinical Decision Support Tool Increase Adherence to a Practice Guideline in Children Presenti

Michael Kordek, MBI (2013)
Capstone: Alert Fatigue by Other Names: Review of Contributing Fields Regarding the "Cry Wolf" Effect

Darren Lim, MBI (2013)
Capstone: Physicians' Perceptions Of And Satisfaction With Order Set Types In A Computerized Provider Order En

Marianne Outzen, MBI (2013)
Capstone: Automating the Quality Measure Reporting Process: Challenges and Opportunities

Diane Petersen, MBI (2013)
Capstone: A Tale of Two Internships: Diverse Opportunities in Informatics

Minakashi Tikoo, MBI (2013)
A Meta-Analysis Codebook to Assess the Relationship Between EHRS and Health Outcomes

Yves Vimegnon, MBI (2013)
Capstone: Usability of a Medication Adherence Application on a Smartphone

Rex Williamson, MBI (2013)
Capstone: Preparation of a Genomic Dataset for an Investigative Project: Discovery of Sporadic Alzheimer's Di

Kyle Ambert, PhD (2013)
Dissertation: Text-mining Tools for Optimizing Community Database Curation Workflows in Neuroscience

James McKanna, PhD (2013)
Dissertation: Understanding Divided Attention And Its Relation To Aging And Cognition Through Unobtrusive Continuo