Medical Students

Introduction for current Medical Students

Welcome to Diagnostic Radiology's educational program for OHSU Medical Students. This site is designed to prepare you with the basics about radiology and will help you understand the role of radiology in medicine for your future career whether you plan on specializing in radiology or not. By the end of this rotation you will know what important factors determine if and how well you see different organs in imaging and the importance of a diffuse disease process versus a focal disease process.

There is a list below of areas of study to reference before class. You will be informed which articles and presentations will be covered during each week of your 4 week rotation. Articles/ presentations should be reviewed prior to the start of each week. There will be a 1 hour lecture every morning covering one topic. You will be pre-tested prior to the start of each lecture and possibly post- tested. Please start with Imaging Physics below prior to your first day. Not all presentations will be covered in your rotation with us but feel free to peruse at will.

The Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Radiology page has modules you can use to self-evaluate. You set up a free account to access the modules. Once logged in, there is a "recommended courses" tab that includes curricula for different levels of training including medical student.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

  Topic Articles or Presentations to be reviewed that afternoon
Monday Pulmonary Emboli Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases;
Pulmonary Edema;
Signs of Congestive Heart Failure
Tuesday Ultrasound The Truth about the FAST Exam;
FAST but out of Focus?;
US Basics in Obstetrics
Wednesday Surgical abdomen Imaging in Surgery
Thursday Pediatrics Cleveland Clinics Modules- Review 10 or more cases of your choice through the "Image Gallery" link.
Friday Modern Medicine Curiosity: On Being a Doctor

Week 4