Musculoskeletal Fellowship

The Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellowship is a non-ACGME program, requiring a 1 year commitment. Candidates must be Board Certified or Board Eligible radiologists. Candidates must also be eligible for an unrestricted Oregon state medical license prior to beginning the fellowship. Candidates for Fellowship are selected through individual applications, not through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP).

The program has two fellowship positions and offers comprehensive education in all elements of musculoskeletal radiology. The fellowship aims to produce musculoskeletal radiologists who are expert diagnosticians and interventionalists and who will lead the future of the discipline; this is accomplished through a combination of clinical work, research, and teaching.

The diagnostic Musculoskeletal service interprets a large number of imaging studies daily, including radiography, MRI, CT, and ultrasound. Fellows work side-by-side with attendings, reviewing cases throughout the day and receiving one-on-one teaching, gradually assuming more responsibilities as the year progresses. In addition to interpreting studies, fellows also attain a deep understanding of MRI and CT protocols by tailoring examinations for each patient, working closely with technologists to modify protocols according to specific clinical questions and troubleshooting challenging scenarios.

The section also performs a large number of procedures each week, including arthrography, bursography, CT-guided biopsies, miscellaneous injections, and RF (radiofrequency) ablation. Fellows are an integral part of this service and work closely with referring clinicians to decide on appropriate plans of action and patient management. By the end of the year, fellows leave the program with an expert knowledge of musculoskeletal intervention.

The Musculoskeletal section is actively engaged with referring clinicians, and fellows are often the first line of communication between services. As a result, the fellowship offers a broad education of the pertinent clinical aspects of diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures. Weekly Rheumatology-Radiology and Orthopedic Oncology-Pathology-Radiologyconferences and monthly Orthopedic Sports Medicine-Radiology conferences provide continual insight into the needs and questions of referring providers as well as feedback on imaging interpretation and procedures. Fellows leave the program with a practical, efficient, working knowledge of musculoskeletal radiology relevant to clinical medicine.