Retained Surgical Item

Formerly called RFO (retained foreign object) policy. 


  • From 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, the calls concerning these x-rays will go to the faculty radiologist appropriate to the body part being imaged (e.g., if an abdomen is being imaged, the faculty assigned to inpatient GI that day will be paged).
  • From 5pm until 9pm Monday thru Friday the body evening shift staff will be paged by the on-call resident immediately after that resident is paged by the x-ray technologist.
  • Between 9pm and 8am weekdays, and on the weekends, the person covering general call will be paged by the on-call resident immediately after that resident is paged by the x-ray technologist.

In any case, the faculty radiologist will first receive a call or page approximately 30 minutes prior to the image being taken; and then receive a call or page as the image is being processed in PACS.

  • The first page received should include RSI, reason (per protocol or what is missing), body part imaged, name, MRN, attending, OR phone #, approximate time until images, and tech's extension.
  • The second page should include RSI complete on patient name, body parts imaged, and OR number.

The faculty radiologist should call results to the OR within ten minutes of images being available on PACS. Please be aware that the surgeon may have already left the OR when you call with results. If this happens, please page the surgeon.

If you feel you were the wrong person approached by the tech during the day, please read the study first, then complain to Drs. Riccelli or Primack. 

After hours, if faculty reviews the study with the on-call resident, the resident should dictate and sign under that faculty. Otherwise this unread RSI study many not get dictated under the original faculty involved. Faculty also needs to communicate directly with the OR.


See Also Retained Surgical Items (RSI) Policy (HC-PC-138-POL) in MCN