As a component of quality assurance, and as component of ACR accreditation, OHSU participates in the ACR's Radpeer program of peer review.

Full time faculty are expected to review 120 cases per 6 months ending November 30 and May 31. 

  • Group ID: 1111     
  • User ID: your individual number that you get from Elizabeth Gray. 
  • Enter the temporary case sensitive password (first time only).
  • Click "Password" on the top menu .
  • Enter your new password which needs at least 8 characters including at least one lower case letter, at least one upper case letter, and at least one number or special character, and click "save" (not "reset"). 
  • Click "Help" on the top menu and go to pages 5 and 6 prn for explanation of scoring.     
  • Click "Radpeer Input Form" on the top menu to double read a case.
  • Click on the radiologist you are double reading and the modality.
  • The sheet defaults to 1. If it is a 1 or 2a, simply click "save".
  • If it is a 2b or higher, enter the information in the text box that you would want to have if you were reviewing the case, such as accession number, the finding in question, and navigation information such as a slice number. Don't use any buttons relating to chair or committee review. You are now a Radpeer expert. 

HINTS: The system supposedly won't log you off so you could keep it minimized on a pc near where you are reading and quickly enter cases. Since the system isn't linked to pacs, you could scribble the information down and batch enter it at the end of the day. You could do this on any computer with internet access. What I do is keep a scratch pad of the numbers of cases I double read. All I need are the modality, the name of the radiologist I overread, and the agreement code. Ideally read at least 10 per week. If you look at more than one prior on a patient, each of those counts. Don't just add cases where you disagree as this will throw off statistics and make it look like we miss everything. Double read at random by starting at an arbitrary time and then stopping when you have done at least your tenth consecutive case.