Pre & Post Procedure Orders

Pre and post procedure orders

We are working toward putting IRU pre admission orders in 7 days in advance (ie do orders for the next 7 days on any given day).  This allows the IRU to tailor the patient's arrival time based on how much preparatory work such as labs, needs to be done. Patients with done orders should be marked with a green dot next to their name on the schedule so people know that is completed. Red or blank generally means they still need to be done.

IRU patients can be found in EPIC under the modality schedule, or the RADRN schedule.  The RADRN schedule is most inclusive and should include MR patients needing general anesthesia.

The pre procedure order set now includes post procedure orders. Please complete these when doing pre procedure orders as much as possible to facilitate workflow.  Any additional post procedure orders should be done immediately after the procedure so they are available when the patient returns to the IRU. Ideally, this is done before leaving the flouro suite for fluoro procedures.


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