Radiologist Manual

This manual is meant to be a single starting point for faculty, fellows, and residents to access departmental references.   It contains summaries of major policies procedures and guidelines with which radiologists should be familiar, though is not an exhaustive list.  When applicable, departmental, interdepartmental, and hospital wide policies found in MCN policy manager are referenced.

American College of Radiology policy references:

ACR Manual on contrast media  |  ACR Practice Guidelines and Technical Standards  |  ACR Appropriateness Criteria

Recent Updates & Announcements

Jan 2016: added "Outside Study Reporting". See below in Administration

Feb 2015: Many macro updates have been made to the "1macro" account following sections over the past 9 months. Consider updating your macros if not done recently.
Feb 2015: vRAD hours are now 9pm-8am M-F. 5pm - 8am Sat-Sun-Holidays.
Nov 12: Added section on having image library link comparison exams found under different medical record numbers.
Nov 12: Uploaded Foreign Body Ingestion describing evaluation of ingested button batteries and magnets