Radiologist Manual


This manual is meant to be a single starting point for faculty, fellows, and residents to access departmental references.   It contains summaries of major policies procedures and guidelines with which radiologists should be familiar, though is not an exhaustive list.  When applicable, departmental, interdepartmental, and hospital wide policies found in MCN policy manager are referenced.  There may be more breadth and interdepartmental content in the MCN Policy Manager, and this manual is not meant as a replacement for formal policies, but rather a point from which to reference those policies, and in some cases, provide more internal departmental level detail on procedures that need to be followed to meet those policies.  

Recent Updates & Announcements

Feb 2015: Many macro updates have been made to the "1macro" account following sections over the past 9 months. Consider updating your macros if not done recently. (contact Dave to have them done all at once). Updates include many for body CT and body and neuro MR, including specifying non contrast exam in technique for body MR w/wo contrast; changing MR contrast from Gadavist to "gadolinium based contrast" body and neuro. Resident macros should have all been updated mid Feb 2015.

Feb 2015: vRAD hours are now 9pm-8am M-F. 5pm - 8am Sat-Sun-Holidays.
11/5/12: Added section on having image library link comparison exams found under different medical record numbers.
10/31/12: Uploaded Foreign Body Ingestion describing evaluation of ingested button batteries and magnets

Faculty & Academic Affairs

The following resources provide examples and tools to help guide faculty in the advancement of their careers.

The Big Three

OHSU CV Template Promoeducator portfolioSelf Evaluation

Faculty may also want to reference School of Medicine's Faculty Affairs pages on Ozone.

Go to Faculty Affairs on O2

MCN Policy Manager

MCN Policy Manager is the new OHSU institution wide centralized policy database created to achieve two main functions :

  • Centralized location for users to find policies
  • Standardized policy management system and format to allow scheduled reviews, including tracking of changes and formal approval processes for policies.

Policy and Procedure Defined

A policy is a defined course of action, or rule, adopted by an organization. It answers the questions 'who,' 'what' and 'why.' It sets direction. Compliance is mandatory.

A procedure is a step-by-step set of instructions on how to perform a specific task or solve a problem. It answers the question 'how.' It is a description of activities involved in implementing a policy.

Quick tips:

After logging into policy manager, one can 'browse manuals" and find a Radiology manual among others.  Simple and advanced search functions also allow searching by policy title or keywords. Commonly accessed policies can be saved by the individual user as "favorites". Previously viewed policies for an individual user can be found in "recent documents ".  Help can be found in the "Reference Library" manual.