MR Department Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions

DBS Procedure Worksheet
DBS Instructions
GA Patient add-on: page D1 @ 11856 to coordinate a time
Vented Patient add-on: page RT @ 11210 to coordinate a time
How to look up a GFR
Interpretive Services
I-STAT instructions
MRI patient prep procedure on 10th floor
Verifying physician privileges
De-mystifying the MRI white boards
How to film images from the EWS workstation
STAT read vs. routine exams
Radiology Assistant: 4-5369 / Pager #11187


How to proceed when RIS IS DOWN
How to delete a Request in RIS *NEW*
How to document a verbal order in RIS
How to document  & Order Contrast in RIS
Protocol Viewer for Technologists


How to document MRI Team pause 3-10
How to order contrast for inpatients
How to order Orbit Xrays

Philips Scanners

Page Philips Service @ 19006 for any issues with a scanner or coil.
"OVERTEMP" message
How to burn a CD
How to move sequences to the correct study

CHH Specific

How to order labs for CHMR
How to forward the phones
How to view the CHH lobby camera online
Getting inpatients to CHH from the hill

VA Specific

VA Transport: dial 095-55778
VA Orders