MR Adult Burchiel MVD/ Trigeminal Neuralgia Brain WO

Revised - 10/31/2012

Charge as Brain WO and MRA Brain WO.


Run this Protocol if the ordering MD is Dr. Burchiel.  If not, run the W/WO Protocol.

8CH head coil or NV Coil.
allowed on 3T only
(REF scan)
Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Scan Range:
COW 3D TOF 3D FFE 1mm 0mm None 20cm MRA COW
Axial DWI 2mm Voxel SE EPI 3mm 0.3mm SPIR 23cm Angle to Corpus - Skull Base to Vertex
Axial 3D Balanced FFE B-FFE 0.58mm 0mm None 16cm Medula to upper pons (limited coverage). See image below.
Notes: MVD stands for... Microvascular Decompression.
Be sure and charge for Brain WO contrast and MRA Brain WO
3D B-FFE Axial (Coverage from medulla to upper pons)
MR Neuro Burchiel 3D BFFE Axial
3D Axial (Skull base to top of Corpus- Angle to Corpus Callosum)
MR Neuro Burchiel 3D Axial