MR Adult Brain PRE DBS - VIM and Thalamotomy Protocol

Revised - 8/7/2014
Charge as Brain WO

3T Only


  • If the target isn’t specified in the order for pre-dbs, we have to page to verify if the “GPI” or “STN” or "VIM" protocol should be used:
  • Antonia Gragg, PA-C pager 16703
  • Page whenever we have an order for this type of scan if “GPI” or “STN” or "VIM" is not specified in the order notes.
8CH HEAD Coil - 3T Only
(REF scan)
Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Scan Range
AXIAL 3D T1 FFE None 26cm DO NOT ANGLE. Cover above the vertex of the brain at least 1 cm. Cover the nose.
AXIAL DTI   2 0 None 26cm DO NOT ANGLE. Cover the Entire Brain.
A 3D t1 axial acquisition must be performed in conjunction with the DTI