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Congratulations to Dmitry Beyder on his election to Secretary/Historian role @SNM_MI

RT @RasuShrestha: Kopans calls for withdrawal of NEJM mammo paper - http://t.co/hQITY5xbLd #breast #cancer #mammography

RT @OHSUNews: Join top neuroscience physicians & scientists at the Portland International Neuroscience Symposium. Register today: http://t.…

Guest Lecture Monday 12/16 11:45 AM UHS8B60 Dr. Jonathon Leipsic “MDCT to Reduce TAVR-Related Complications” http://t.co/PvW8eClDfm

Dr Karen Oh will be lecturing 1/29/2013 @ 7pm on how bone density can impact imaging results. register for free here: http://t.co/RJms9zjr3n

Peds team cut monthly pediatric radiation exposure in half for swallow studies- now outperforming best centers. http://t.co/3pfHyXjfNV

RT @RSNA: Proud to have attendees coming to #RSNA13 from over 140 countries! Stop by the Global Connection booth to pin your hometown on ou…

RT @AuntMinnie: MRI helps hone in on disabilities caused by MS http://t.co/2JScGLw924 #radiology http://t.co/v24lBe8c5q

RT @ARRS_Radiology: Have you ever had an x-ray or CT scan? Thank Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen for his world-changing discovery of the x-ray 100 …

RT @RSNA: "118 years ago November 8, the x-ray was discovered, and that is the definition of a big deal." http://t.co/hFh7C9U9Fu

RT @ARRS_Radiology: Radiation Dose Drastically Reduced During Whole Chest MDCT http://bit.ly/PcXqv

RT @RadiologyACR: @CancerGeek We look forward to meeting you! Our booth number is #3123 South Building Hall A. #RSNA13

RT @ARRS_Radiology: Should a national standard for training radiologists in moderate sedation be implemented? http://t.co/uOFlWeBz0G

RT @AuntMinnie: DTI-MRI shows brain changes in temporal lobe epilepsy patients http://t.co/jY3ITmw4Jj #radiology #MRI

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