Congratulations to Dr. Scott Mist

Scott Mist

Dr. Scott Mist just received notice from the Department of Defense, under the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program of a 4-year award for the grant titled "Photosensitivity and pain in complex traumatic brain injury". The goal of this project is to quantify photosensitivity in Veterans with complex traumatic brain injury (TBI), determine whether photosensitivity is related to pain, and understand brain circuits engaged by light in these patients.

During the next four years,along with Dr. Mary Heinricher (project PI), Scott and other collaborators will be investigating enhanced sensitivity of Veterans with complex TBI to light compared to controls without TBI. Scott's role on the project will be to oversee the fMRI portion of the study and assist with the analyses. They will use fMRI to determine if a dim light stimulus will activate pain-related circuitry in Veterans with complex TBI compared with controls. The overall objective of the study is to compare photosensitivity and underlying neuronal responses to light in Veterans with TBI.