APOM Director Roles

Valerie Sera

Valerie Sera, DDS, MD - Chief Adult Cardiothoracic Anesthesia & Director Anesthesia Cardiac Fellowship

Mike Aziz   

Michael Aziz, MD - Chief Adult Inpatient Services & PACU South    

 Ines Koerner

Ines Koerner, MD - Director of Neurosciences ICU    

Miko Enomoto

T. Miko Enomoto, MD- Director Critical Care Fellowship    

Ryan Fink

Ryan Fink, MD - Associate Director Critical Care Fellowship    

Ola Harrskog

Ola Harrskog, MD - Chief Transplant Anesthesiology    

Robert Cross

Robert Cross, DDS MD - Medical Director- Centers for Health &Healing   

Jeff Koh 

Jeffrey Koh, MD - Director Pediatric Anesthesiology    

Michele Noles

L. Michele Noles, MD -  Anesthesiology Chief Quality Officer  

Ann Bingham  

Ann Bingham, MD- Chief Safety Officer & Associate Quality Officer

Ed Kahl

Ed Kahl, MD - Director of Adult Perioperative Echocardiology

Kim Mauer    

Kimberly Mauer, MD -  Medical Director –OHSU Comprehensive Pain Management Center   

Katie Schenning

Katie Schenning, MD - Assistant Perioperative Medicine Clinic Director

Mary Blanchette 

Mary Blanchette, MD - Medical Director –Ambulatory Surgery    

Glenn Woodworth

Glenn Woodworth, MD - Director Regional Anesthesia & Regional Fellowship    

Dawn Dillman

Dawn Dillman, MD - Vice Chair - Education  

Robert Shangraw

Robert Shangraw, MD - Chief Neurosurgical Anesthesia    

Steve Robinson

Stephen T. Robinson, MD - Vice Chair for Clinical Anesthesia    

Emily Baird

Emily Baird, MD - Director of Resident Education and Program Director  

Matthias Merkel

Matthias Merkel, MD - Medical Director –OHSU ICUs & Director CSICU    

Ann Bingham

Ann Bingham, MD - Chief of Anesthesiology Vascular Service    

David Larsen

David Larsen, MD - Anesthesia Chief –Casey Eye Institute    

Norman Cohen

Norman Cohen, MD - OHSU Medical Director for Clinical Documentation and Coding Improvement   

Kirk Lalwani 

Kirk Lalwani, MD  - APOM Vice Chair for Faculty Development & Director Peds Anesthesia Fellowship    

Grace Chen

Grace Chen, MD - Director OHSU Pain Fellowship    

Peter Schulman

Peter Schulman, MD - Chief Out of OR Procedures and IPC/Perioperative cardiac pacemaker program   

Danny Robinson

Danny Robinson, MD - Director Peds Sedation    

Christine Martin

Christine Martin, MD - Director of APOM Clinical Base Year    

Julio Gonzalez-Sotomayor

Julio Gonzalez-Sotomayor, MD - Chief Adult Inpatient Pain Service   

Miriam Treggiari 

Miriam Treggiari, MD PHD - Vice Chair, Clinical Research    

Jeff Iliff

Jeff Iliff, PHD - Vice Chair, Basic Science Research

Vivian Hou

Vivian Hou, MD -  Director of Thoracic Anesthesiology, Co-Director Trauma Anesthesia    

Brandon Togioka

Brandon Togioka, MD - Director of OB Anesthesia      

Andrew Neice

Andrew Neice, MD - Director Regional Anesthesia    

Nabil Alkayed

Nabil Alkayed, MD PHD - Director Knight Vascular Biology Center     

Matt Hart

Matthew Hart, CRNA - Chief Nurse Anesthetist    

James Hilliard

James Hilliard, CRNA - Assistant Chief CRNA