Clinical Assessment & Learning Center

Our Mission

To foster educational excellence in clinical skills development using integrative learning laboratory approaches which includes cycles of rehearsal.

About the Center

Clinical Assessment & Learning Center

Human and computer simulated experiences at OHSU's Clinical Assessment & Learning Center's state of the art, digital video lab help the student to build confidence and to critique their own performance as they learn to apply evidence-based interventions to promote health, prevent disease, and care for sick.  Throughout their programs of study, students practice in a safe, controlled environment and receive targeted feedback that is available to them on the internet to review and for continuous improvement.

All efforts in the School of Medicine are designed to build knowledge and skills, to apply information and other technologies to support learning, to improve practice and culturally competent care, to foster professional integrity, and ultimately, to improve health outcomes of patients, families, and communities across the continuum of care.  OHSU is preparing health professionals who are shaping the future of health care delivery.


The clinical skills center is currently being used for educational research projects that involve testing innovative curriculum on the clinical skills of learners.  It is also serving as a laboratory for studies using standardized patients to assess clinicians in practice in rural Oregon by allowing for robust testing of case design and assessment for clinical research purposes.


The School of Medicine Clinical Assessment & Learning Center recognizes Art and Pearl Suhr for their generous contribution to create this center.

Contact Information

3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR  97239

Wendy Jenkins, jenkinwe@ohsu.edu
Operations Manager
Phone: 503 494-5425
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Thea Morton, mortont@ohsu.edu
Simulation Technician
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