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Sue Aicher, PhD  Central autonomic reflex pathways; pain pathways; neuroanatomy

Michael C. Andresen, PhD  Central autonomic neurobiology; synaptic transmission

Virginia Brooks, PhD  Hypothalamic neurocircuitry, insulin, angiotensin, sympathetic nervous 
                                             system, obesity, pregnancy, hypertension

Michael Cohen, PhD Regulation of cellular signaling by polymeric post-translational modifications

David C. Dawson, PhD  Ion channel structure function

Daniel M. Dorsa, PhD  Gonadal steroids, neuroendocrinology, estrogen, testosterone

Robert Duvoisin, PhD  Retinal neurobiology; metabotropic, glutamate receptors

David K. Grandy, PhD  Molecular pharmacology of neurotransmitter receptors

Beth A. Habecker, PhD  Autonomic neuron plasticity, neurotransmitter/receptor expression

Martin J. Kelly, PhD  Hypothalamic neurons in behavior and reward; dopamine and B-endorphin

Dennis R. Koop, PhD  Cytochrome P450 in chemical metabolism; arachidonic acid

Catherine Morgans, PhD The molecular events underlying synaptic transmissions in the retina

Oline K. Ronnekleiv, PhD  Development of dopaminergic neurons in fetal monkeys

Charles E. Roselli, PhD  Neuroendocrine; cellular mechanisms of androgen brain actions

Thomas S. Scanlan, PhD  Chemical and biological aspects of steroid/thyroid hormone action

Francis Valiyaveetil, PhD  Ion conduction and gating in K+ channels

Xiangshu Xiao, PhD  Chemical biology, organic synthesis; medicinal chemistry