Electron Microscopy Core

Contact Information

Eric Barklis
Director, OHSU EM Core

(503) 494-8098

Claudia Lopez

Mike Webb


Access to EM Core equipment and services is available to all researchers at OHSU. We also provide EM services to non-OHSU institutions and individuals. Our intention is to make services available at reasonable rates. To maximize our time and to minimize costs, researchers may participate in sample preparation, sectioning, and/or EM viewing steps. Training for equipment usage is provided at an hourly rate, and individuals can schedule access to equipment after they are trained. We invite anyone interested in using EM approaches for pilot projects, or ongoing investigations to consult with us on their needs, protocols, services, and cost estimates.



Current training and service costs are $70/hour plus supplies. Current equipment usage costa are $30/h plus supplies. For non-OHSU institutions and individuals, costs are roughly double. To download an EM Core Sample Submissions form click here.