Basic Science Courses

In addition to the Conjoint Courses, PMCB students have access to a wide variety of basic sciences classes to provide them with advanced didactic training to meet their specific academic needs.  The courses are taught by faculty in the 5 PMCB member departments and the Cancer Biology program.  The course offerings are listed under the department links to the left in the menu box..  Updates for recent changes in courses are provided in our announcements section.


New for 2014: Quantitative Bioscience Courses


CONJ QB1: Foundations of Measurement Science

Term: Fall
Credits: 4
Course Director: TBD

Students will be taught the scientific basis for the state-of-the-art measurement instruments. For each instrument, this includes the underlying physics, the key assumptions, the hardware, and critical analyses of the data. Four instruments, including light microscopy, electron microscopy, MRI, and Parallel Sequencing will selected to demonstrate the principles of measurement science. This will involve 3 hours of lecture, and one hour of discussion of corresponding journal articles.


CONJ QB2: Analysis in Quantitative Bioscience

Term: Winter
Credits: 4
Course Director: TBD

The course will examine, in depth, a selection of techniques applied to gene analysis, molecular modeling and cellular anatomy, as vehicles for understanding the pivotal roles of theory and computational algorithms in analysis of biological data. Students will learn how a priori constraints are used to complement empirical data and how biomedical insights depend on this and on appropriate choices of analytical algorithms.