Cancer Biology

Guidelines and Expectations for Ph.D. Students



CANB 606 - Mechanisms of Cancer Journal Club

Cross-departmental Journal Club composed of students, postdocs, fellows, and clinical/basic science faculty with shared interest in basic principles, emerging discoveries, and new therapeutic approaches in Cancer Biology. The Goals of this JC are:

  • To critically evaluate new cutting edge literature on mechanisms underlying the development of cancer to inform the development of new therapeutics. Papers should be paradigm shifting and set a backdrop for discussion into therapeutics facilitated by the clinical attendees
  • To Provide students, postdocs, and fellows with training and interactions with faculty interested in Cancer Biology and emerging therapeutics

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CANB 607 - Knight Cancer Biology Seminar Series

Seminar series co-sponsored by the Pediatric Cancer Biology program. This series has a strong emphasis on fundamental science and translational reserach topics presented by leading extramural scientists.

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CANB 610 - Current Topics in Cancer  (Winter Term, Alt years)

Graduate course with an emphasis on recent ground-breaking research from cancer biology literature along with in-depth presentation of supporting basic concepts of biochemistry and molecular biology. Topics are chosen from areas of expertise and interest among the Cancer Biology faculty including: drug discovery, tumor microenvironment, role of DNA damage response in cancer susceptibility and drug resistance, regulatory signaling pathways, cancer stem cells, metastatic progression, and angiogenesis.


CANB 616 - Advanced Topics in Cancer Biology (Spring Term)

This course provides clinical insight into the clinical course, pathology, treatment, and therapeutic challenges that exist in a number of different organ-specific cancers. These clinical hallmarks and challenges are the important foundation on which novel basic science cancer research is built.

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