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A list of faculty members with appointments in PMCB can be found on the Graduate Studies Faculty  Home Page filtered by program - (PMCB Faculty) 

For faculty bios and research iterests, visit individual faculty pages by clicking on their name from the list.

How to become PMCB faculty

Any member of the SOM Graduate Faculty is eligible to serve as a member of the PMCB Graduate Faculty.  Appointment to the PMCB Graduate Faculty must be approved by at least one Member Program Director and by a majority vote of the PMCB Steering Committee.  Members of the PMCB Graduate Faculty are expected to teach in PMCB core and elective courses, to serve on comprehensive and qualifying examination committees, to interact with graduate students in seminars and conferences, and to serve on other PMCB and graduate education committees.  Individuals will be removed from the PMCB Graduate Faculty roster when they no longer hold an appointment at OHSU or by majority vote of the PMCB Steering Committee.

PMCB Faculty Consideration

The following steps are required for candidates to be considered as a member of PMCB faculty:

  • Candidate must be a member of the OHSU Graduate Faculty.
  • Candidate must be affiliated with one of the PMCB member departments – CDB, BMB, MMG, MMI, CanB or PHPH.
  • Candidate must complete the PMCB Faculty Candidate Survey
  • PMCB Member Department Program Director writes a letter of nomination to the PMCB Steering Committee.
  • Survey, nomination letter, and candidate’s CV are emailed to the PMCB office for PMCB Steering Committee consideration.  The PMCB Steering Committee meets once each quarter during the first week of the term.