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For information related to the Cancer Biology Journal Club, Cancer Biology Research Group, CANB 616, and general information regarding the Cancer Biology Graduate Program please visit the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Wiki


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Academic Guidelines

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Helpful Information 

Qualifying Exam:

For complete Qual Exam requirements refer to the CANB Academic Guidelines PhD Qualifying Exam section. 

  • Students are not allowed to use their research project for the Qual Exam.
  • Two ~300 word abstracts should be submitted to the Graduate Student Coordinator on or before July 13 of their second year
Dissertation Advisory Committee:
  • The DAC nominations should be sent to the chair of the Graduate Education Committee
  • After the DAC is approved, students submit a Request for Advisory Committee form to the Graduate Student Coordinator
  • Students must hold their first DAC meeting within 6 months of passing their Qual Exam, and every 6 months until they are approved to defend their dissertation