Residency & Fellowship Training

Clinical Genetics Residency Program

doctor and students_s 250The Medical Genetics Residency Program at OHSU is a two-year clinical and research training experience for physicians with an interest in the diagnosis, counseling and management of patients with inherited disorders.  A broad range of disorders is encountered encompassing the prenatal, pediatric, and adult age groups in the various outpatient clinics and inpatient consult service.  The program provides comprehensive training designed to prepare the physician for the certification exam by the American Board of Medical Genetics.  

Clinical Laboratory Fellowship Programs

OHSU offers three clinical genetics laboratory training programs in the focused areas of cytogenetics, biochemical, and molecular genetics.  Each of the programs is two years in length, providing extensive applied laboratory training in the OHSU Knight Diagnostic Laboratories.  In addition to laboratory experience, trainees participate in didactic course work, observe in outpatient clinical settings, interact with the hospital staff to gain experience in consulting with medical staff, pursue a research project, and participate in and present at clinical grand rounds and clinical genetics case conferences.  The programs are designed to provide the fellow with in depth experience in the area of focus and knowledge in all facets of medical genetics.  Upon completion of the programs the fellow will be eligible for certification by the American Board of Medical Genetics.

Postdoctoral Research

There are approximately 20 postdoctoral research fellows pursuing research in the laboratories of primary and affiliate faculty in the Department of Molecular and medical genetics.   Their research includes the broad spectrum of research interests of our faculty with the central theme being molecular and medical genetics approaches to understanding the basis and treatment of human disease.