Combined Basic Science Research Seminar Series

Mondays 12pm, Richard Jones Hall 4320

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Molecular and Medical Genetics Seminar Series

Wednesdays 4pm, Vollum M1441

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November 1st 
"Updates on PKU Gene Therapy"
Daelyn Richards, Graduate Student, Cary Harding Lab, MMG, OHSU

November 29th
"Targeting glutamine addiction of PIK3CA mutant colorectal cancer"
Zhenghe Wang, Ph.D., Professor/ Vice Chair for Faculty Development, Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences, Case Western Reserve University

January 31st
"Elucidating the expression and function of endogenous retrovirus-K (ERV-K)
during primate placentation"

Jimi Rosenkrantz, Graduate Student, Chavez/Carbone Lab, MMG, OHSU

February 7th - Cancelled

February 28th
"Profiling Heterogeneity at the Single-cell Level"
Kristof Torkenczy, Graduate Student, Andrew Adey Lab, MMG, OHSU

April 25th
"Aneuploidy and Mechanisms of Chromosomal Loss in Pre-Implantation Embryos"
Shawn Chavez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, ONPRC, OHSU

May 2nd
"Genetic Analysis of Human Ovarian Teratomas with Exome Sequencing"

May 30th
Ryan Mulqueen, Graduate Student, Brian O'Roak Lab, MMG, OHSU

June 27th
Holly Corbitt, Graduate Student, Lucia Carbone Lab, MMG, OHSU