Grand Rounds

Molecular and Medical Genetics

2014 - 2015 Grand Rounds Schedule

Thursdays, 9:00 to 10:00 A.M.

Mac Hall 3198  


October 2
"Microarrays in Oncology"
Yassmine Akkari, Ph.D., FACMG, Scientific Director, Cytogenetics, Technical Director, Molecular Pathology, Legacy Health

October 16
"Adventures in Pediatric Genetic Diagnosis"
Jessica Kushner, M.S., C.G.C.

October 30
"A Cure for the Royal Pain"
Cary Harding, M.D.

November 6
"CHARGE Syndrome: A case and review of the literature"
Caleb Rogers, M.D.

November 13
Case Presentations - Cancer
Brianne Baier, M.S., C.G.C., Kelly Hamman, M.S., C.G.C.

November 20
"Targeting HOX protein function as a therapeutic for disease"
Scott Stadler, Ph.D.

December 4
"Sex Chromosome Aneuploidies: Updates on Medical Management and Genetic Counseling Considerations"
Anna Dennis, M.S., C.G.C

December 11
"The Perfect Storm: Evidence versus Extrapolation-Based Medicine in Hereditary Cancer Genetics Testing"
Jone Sampson, M.D.

December 18
Case Presentations: Prenatal
Cori Feist, M.S., C.G.C, Elena Burnett, M.S.

January 8
"New Year, New Genes: Can Moderate Risk Explain What High Risk Can't?"
Kelly Hamman, M.S., C.G.C.

January 15
"Unexpected Cytogenetic Abnormalities"
Karen Kovak M.S., C.G.C., Kory Keller, M.S.

January 22
"Squeezing More Information Out of Clinical Next-Gen Sequencing Data"
Christopher Corless, M.D., Ph.D.

January 29
"The Impact of Somatic Mutations on Birth Defects"
James Bennett, M.D., Ph.D.- University of Washington

February 5
"Beta-propeller Protein-Associated Neurodegeneration (BPAN): phenotype expansion in action"
Allison Gregory, M.S., C.G.C.

February 12
"Mitochondrial Diseases: The New Frontier"
Bruce Cohen, M.D.

February 26
Case Presentations: Molecular
Yassmine Akkari, Ph.D., FACMG, Scientific Director, Cytogenetics, Technical Director, Molecular Pathology, Legacy Health.

March 5
"The Genetic Basis of Premature Ovarian Failure"
Susan Olson, Ph,D.

March 12
"Post-translational regulation of Myc provides for new genetic mouse models of human cancer and novel therapeutic strategies"
Rosalie Sears, Ph.D. 

March 19
"Status of maternal plasma cell free DNA testing in the United States"
Glenn Palomaki, Ph.D.

April 2
Penny Hogarth, M.D.

April 9
"Recent Advances in AAV Vectors"
Hiroyuki Nakai, Ph.D.

April 23
"COL4A1 and Genetic Predisposition to Cerebrovascular Events and other Vasculopathies"
Chung Lee, M.D.

April 30
"The New 'Tailor' in Town: CRISPR-Cas9"
Mike Liskay, Ph.D.

May 7
"Lesch-Nyhan Disease"
William L. Nyhan, M.D., Ph.D.- UC San Diego

May 14 
Caleb Rogers, M.D

May 21 
Case Presentations –   Cytogenetic
Fei Yang, M.D.

May 28
"cfDNA Uses and Future"
Paul Spellman, Ph.D.

June 4 
Sue Richards, Ph.D., FACMG

June 11 
Ranjana Arora, M.D.

June 18
Brian O'Roak, Ph.D.

June 25
Cheryl Maslen, Ph.D.