Current Lab Members

paul2  Paul Spellman





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Dmitri Rozanov 

Research Assistant Professor

Dmitri works on, identification of breast cancer-specific antigen targets for development of anti-cancer vaccines.



nupur1  Nupur Pande

   Research Assistant Professor

   Nupur is a Research Assistant Professor interested in understanding how we
   can promote health and enhance the efficacy of existing anticancer drugs in    
   synergy with diet derived phytonutrients in complex diseases such as cancer.
   Attempting to understand  how the "processing" of anticancer drug and diet
   mediated signals is altered by genetic perturbations commonly associated with
                              cancer tumours (breast  and ovarian cancer for example); how the processed
                              signals are integrated to promote survival of diseased cells; and how these
                              integrated process can be "rewired" using anticancer drugs and diet derived
                              non-toxic phytonutrients individually and in combination.


Myron Peto

Senior Research Associate

Myron works on construction and maintenance of pipelines specific to mutation calling.



nicoleNicole Nesser

Senior Research Associate

Nicole works on  undersanding how molecular perturbations in breast cancer inform the architecture of kinase signaling networks in these cells.




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Pavana Anur

Research Associate

Pavana works on  pipelines related to analysis of TCGA and ICGC data.



Kami Chiotti  

Research Associate

Kami works on identification of breast cancer-specific antigen targets for development of anti-cancer vaccines.



katieKatie Johnson

Research Assistant

Katie is interested in understanding the heterogeneity of cancer cell signaling networks and tumor cell populations.  Katie has been involved in multiple approaches to addressing these questions such as RPPA to reverse engineer signaling networks from protein expression data and the CyTOF to look at different populations of cancer cells present in a tumor.  Katie also manages the clinical coordinating for the Spellman Lab human subjects research studies.

chris2  Christopher Boniface

   Research Assistant



shaadi2  Shaadi Tabatabaei

   Research Assistant

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 2Suzi Fei

Postdoctoral Fellow

Suzi is interested in using whole genome sequencing to better understand cancer biology.  Her current projects are in Renal Cell Carcinoma.



Tim Butler

Graduate Research Assistant

Tim is interested in cancer cell analysis using the ion-torrent platform.





Asia Mitchell

Graduate Research Assistant

Asia is interested in identifying germline mutations that may protect against tumorigenesis in clear cell renal cell carcinoma. Also working to employ computational methods and data mining to identify null mutations that may result in phenotypes that would prevent tumorigenesis (such as cell lethal events).


April (small)  April Smith

  Assistant to Paul Spellman.