General Adult Genetics

The Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics at OHSU provides outpatient genetic evaluation and counseling for adult patients (18 years of age and older) and their families with known or suspected genetic conditions.  Genetic conditions that are commonly diagnosed in adulthood include connective tissue disorders, hereditary ataxia, polycystic kidney disease, and other inherited disorders.  This clinic is staffed by board certified medical geneticists and board certified genetic counselors.

Patients with a variety of known or suspected genetic conditions may be referred for evaluation.  Genetics of the condition will be reviewed, management recommendations will be provided, and the risk to other family members will be discussed.  When appropriate, diagnostic testing will be arranged.  The goal of the adult genetics program is to communicate with the patient’s primary care provider to provide coordinated health care services.  The adult genetics program serves as a critical link in efficient patient management by providing clinical evaluation and test interpretation to the patient and the primary care provider.

Patient Information

Appointment scheduling

To schedule an appointment for a genetic consultation, call our office at 503-494-8307.  You may be asked a few questions about your own medical history as well as your family history. We may request past medical records be forwarded to our office or additional exams (for example, an ophthalmology exam) be completed prior to your genetics consultation.

Once your appointment is scheduled, we will mail you a confirmation letter with the date, time, and location of the appointment, as well as the name of the provider you are scheduled to meet with.  If necessary, we will also include a medical release form.

What to expect at your genetics consultation

An initial genetic consultation usually takes about an hour.  You will meet with a genetic counselor and a medical geneticist.  At the beginning of the appointment, we will ask you questions about your family members and their medical history as well as your own medical history. (Prior to your appointment, we will mail you a family history sheet with details on what we will be asking, as it is often helpful to gather information about your family members prior to your appointment).

Following the family and medical history, the medical geneticist may do a limited physical exam related to the condition for which you are being evaluated.    We will discuss whether or not it seems you have a genetic condition, genetic testing (if appropriate), management recommendations, and risk to your family members.  If you decide to proceed with genetic testing, blood can usually be drawn the same day; however, some insurance companies require preauthorization for genetic testing.  If preauthorization is required, we will submit for the authorization following your consultation.


Prior to your appointment, your referring physician or our staff will contact your insurance company to review your current eligibility and benefits.  Although we will inquire about your benefits, the Genetics Department assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information we are given by your insurance carrier, nor is our inquiry a guarantee that the services will be covered by your health plan.

As the insured, it is your responsibility to understand what is covered by your health plan. Many insurance policies exclude certain medical services, tests, procedures and diagnoses.  It is very important that you review your benefits with your insurance company before the appointment to better prepare you for any charges you may be responsible for. 

In most cases, OHSU will bill your insurance company for the cost of the consultation.  You are responsible for co-pays, deductibles, and any portion of the consultation cost that is not reimbursed by your insurance company.

Provider Information

Medical Geneticist Specialists

Wojciech Wiszniewski, MD, PhD

Genetic Counselors 

Karen Kovak, MS, CGC
Jessica Kushner, MS, CGC
Puneet Rai, MS

Contact Us

3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
MMG, L103
Portland, OR 97239
Phone: 503-494-8307
Fax: 503-494-6886

Referral Information

Once we receive the referral, we will contact the patient to schedule an appointment.  Contacting patients is sometimes difficult, so feel free to provide the patient with our phone number and encourage them to call to our office as well.  Once the appointment is scheduled, you will receive a notice of the date of the appointment.  Following the appointment, you will receive a copy of progress note from the appointment.

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