Honoring Drs. Buist and Kennaway

The Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics honored the lifetime achievements of Drs. Neil Buist and Nancy Kennaway with a portrait unveiling and reception. Their portraits are now on display in Richard Jones Hall 4502, the MMG main administration office.

Neil Buist, MB.Ch.B., FRCPE, DCH

Neil Buist

Dr. Neil Buist, born in India, obtained his medical degree with commendation from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland in 1956. Before coming to the University of Oregon Medical School in 1966 as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Dr. Buist held a two-year research fellowship in Biochemistry at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Prior to that he worked as a physician in Malaysia, Nepal, France and Scotland.

Dr. Buist was recruited to OHSU to develop a Center for the Treatment and Study of Metabolic Diseases.  The Metabolic Birth Defect Center became the largest of its kind in the US with clinics in 6 States.  He was the Director of the Pediatric Metabolic Laboratory from 1966-1993.  With Dr. Nancy Kennaway as Co-Director, the Lab at OHSU became an internationally recognized research center. Dr. Buist's research covers a wide array of disorders and includes over 140 articles.  After 50 years, he is still active at OHSU. Dr. Buist holds two US patents and is currently PI for a multi million dollar grant to study oral-motor function in infants. He has also volunteered to work in many disasters around the world, experience that provided the basis of his lectures in International Nutrition. He is a gifted lecturer and been a visiting professor around the country and overseas.  He taught Biochemical Genetics until 1996 and is still lecturing to first year students in two OHSU Schools.

Nancy Kennaway, D. Phil.

Nancy KennawayDr. Nancy Kennaway  graduated with honors from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland in 1959 and obtained a doctoral degree in biochemistry from Oxford University in England in 1967.  She was  recruited to the University of Oregon Medical School as a research associate in Pediatrics in 1969, completed a fellowship in Medical Genetics in 1972 and then joined the Division of Medical Genetics (now the Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics).

Through her research in several biochemical disorders, Dr. Kennaway has created an impressive body of work. As Co-Director of the Pediatric Metabolic Laboratory from 1986-1993 and Director of the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory from 1993-1998, she trained a number of pre- and post-doctoral fellows. Her forte was the development of a Center for the Study of Mitochondrial Disorders and includes work that reflects both work at the local level within OHSU, as well as collaboration that still continues both nationally and internationally. In her 40 years at OHSU she has educated many medical students through lectures and workshops in Medical Genetics, including the creation of a course on Biochemical Genetics.