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12/01/2014 PhD student Kelly Chacon recognized for scholarship and leadership
10/29/2014 Dr. Joe Needoba recognized for teaching excellence in graduate education
10/24/2014 Michelle Maier 2015 finalist for the Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship
10/09/2014 Marine sediments contain a missing chemical link in global ocean processes
08/27/2014 Workshop on Environmental Sample Processor
08/15/2014 Fellowship Supports Student to Study Link between Ocean Acidification and Harmful Algal Blooms
08/15/2014 Tribes, Treaties and Natural Resource Management
04/23/2014 Mysteries of the Super-Deep: How Tiny Creatures Are Thriving Hundreds of Feet below the Seafloor
03/19/2014 Graduate Students Present Research While Honing Presentation Skills at Annual Event
01/27/2014 Microbiology research article is Top 10 most viewed in Frontiers
12/02/2013 OHSU Institute of Environmental Health associate director named AAAS fellow
11/14/2013 2014 summer undergraduate internship is accepting applications
09/11/2013 OHSU study to formulate a computational model of ovarian development
08/20/2013 Persistence to isolate elusive protein leads to publication and scholarship
07/29/2013 Scientists advance sampling strategies of microbial communities in coastal ecosystems
06/20/2013 Grant supports research into manganese mineral formations in Yellowstone National Park hot springs
05/22/2013 Cleanup of contaminated ground water with nano iron
04/26/2013 Scholarship to study new pathways of carbon flow through aquatic food webs
03/19/2013 OHSU students and postdoctoral fellow take honors at symposium
01/31/2013 Tomorrow’s life-saving medications may be living at bottom of sea
01/02/2013 OHSU recognizes licensing of reduced-dimension data assimilation software
12/05/2012 Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study environmental changes in Antarctica
10/09/2012 Rachel Golda awarded Oregon Sea Grant Malouf Scholarship
10/05/2012 OHSU students take pride in their campus
08/17/2012 Smart kayak gathers data in difficult to reach areas
05/25/2012 Students earn prestigious fellowship
05/16/2012 OHSU Effect: Secrets out at sea
03/29/2012 Research symposium showcases 25 presenters
03/26/2012 CMOP leads research campaign on maiden voyage of the R/V Oceanus
02/24/2012 Aquatic Redox Chemistry book published
02/15/2012 Post-doctoral researcher to advance biogeochemical modeling
12/15/2011 First poster presentation a winner for grad student
11/16/2011 CMOP director gives keynote lecture at International Conference
10/31/2011 American Society of Pharmacognosy student poster award winner
09/06/2011 OHSU research paper wins 2011 AEESP Outstanding Publication Award
08/18/2011 Peter Zuber receives outstanding service award from Journal of Bacteriology
08/08/2011 Sushma Kommineni named Vertex Scholar
07/29/2011 Microbial oceanographer joins research team
05/10/2011 Passion for science leads to research fellowship
03/17/2011 2011 EBS symposium showcases research
02/28/2011 Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction awarded $17 million renewal grant
02/09/2011 Brow wins international student paper competition
12/20/2010 OHSU student awarded early career scientist
05/10/2010 Optimization of a Water Purification Process
03/01/2010 Takahiro Hayashi named Vertex Scholar
12/16/2009 Electronic poster a first at national conference
11/09/2009 Tiny Microbes Turn Out To Be Global Players
07/21/2009 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship awards
05/05/2009 OHSU student wins best poster at PNW-SETAC
02/25/2009 Reinhold Rasmussen wins prestigious 2009 Outstanding Oregon Scientist Award
02/12/2009 EBS students win national paper competition
01/01/2009 USGS Student Career Experience Program accepts OHSU student
11/01/2008 EBS graduate student wins ARCS Scholarship
10/28/2008 CMOP intern wins Fall research symposium
10/07/2008 Discovering Drugs, Biofuels in Tropical Seas
03/21/2008 Tratnyek research article most accessed in Environmental Science & Technology
02/01/2008 EBS Welcomes Two New Faculty Members
10/26/2007 Peter Zuber Appointed To Advisory Board of Molecular Microbiology
09/18/2007 Tratnyek Appointed Associate EBS Department Head
02/02/2007 Bacterium From Bugula neritina Reveal Clues to Anti-Cancer Compound
01/02/2007 Tebo Announced as EBS Department Head
11/16/2006 New Method for Engineering Marine Compounds Shows Promise for Drug Development
10/24/2006 Friends, Family, Colleagues Gather For Rasmussen Memorial Service
10/06/2006 EBS Ph.D. Student Receives Award for Outstanding Presentation at International Biometals Symposium
09/29/2006 Manganese Can Keep Toxic Hydrogen Sulfide Zones in Check in Aquatic Systems
08/29/2006 NSF Funds a Major Center for River-To-Ocean Observation and Prediction, Based at OHSU
04/05/2006 High School Student Wins Recognition for Work with OHSU Professor
02/18/2004 OHSU Faculty Member Elected to Regional SETAC Board
02/10/2004 William Glaze Appointed OGI's Associate Dean for Research
01/13/2004 OHSU-Led Research Examines Role of Copper, Iron in Diseases
09/24/2003 Researchers Study Loss of Salmon Habitat in the Columbia
07/24/2003 OHSU Researcher Publishes First Measurements of "Free-base" Nicotine in the Smoke of Commercial Ciga
12/27/2002 Old Metal Scraps Offer New Way of Cleaning Polluted Groundwater
09/30/2002 Uncovering the Secrets of Elephant Sex
05/17/2002 Free Radical Enzymes harness Radical Reactivity

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