EBS Graduate Student

An overview of requirements and procedures for admission to EBS degree programs is given below. Further details on university-wide policies and procedures regarding admissions are provided by the Office of Graduate Studies for the OHSU School of Medicine.


Online Application Support

Please direct questions about the online application to: or call Customer Service 857-304-2017
Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm EST


Application Deadlines

  • Ph.D. student applications are considered year-round, but prospective students are encouraged to apply by the first workday in January (following the New Year holiday) to receive priority consideration for financial support starting in the Fall quarter of that year.

  • M.S. student applications for admission are accepted and evaluated year-round, for admittance in any quarter.


Prerequisites for Admission

Applicants for admission to the EBS Division's degree programs typically have Bachelors (or equivalent) degrees in the physical or biological sciences, engineering, or related disciplines (e.g., computer science). Prospective students with different backgrounds are encouraged to inquire if they have professional or other experience that might provide adequate preparation.

Applicants to degree programs that require a thesis (thesis M.S. and Ph.D.) should carefully consider the research areas of division faculty to ensure that your interests are well aligned with those of one or more division faculty who might serve as your thesis advisor. Prior to applying for admission, you are encouraged to contact these faculty concerning your potential involvement in their research.


Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

  • Applicants must provide scores for the general test portion of the GRE, unless: (i) Waivers may be granted, at the program's discretion, if the applicant already holds an advanced degree, such as a Masters or MD, from an accredited US or Foreign Institution, or (ii) permission is given to substitute scores from the Medical College Aptitude Test (MCAT).

  • These GRE scores are generally considered acceptable for admission:
    Verbal:  153 and above (500 old scale)
    Quantitative:  148 and above  (600 old scale)
    Analytical Writing:  4.5 and above

  • Scores must be received directly from the Educational Testing Service and therefore must be less than 5 years old.

  • GRE subject scores (e.g., chemistry, biochemistry, or biology) will be considered but are not required.

  • Students submitting their GRE scores to our program must use the specific code number 4865



OHSU requires official transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended. If you are in school now, you can send an in-progress transcript; if you are admitted, you must send a final transcript before matriculating into the program. Transcripts can be sent electronically from your college/university registrar to OHSU. Alternatively, you can request a paper copy to be sent to OHSU at this address:  

Oregon Health & Science University
Graduate Studies Office L102GS
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97239


Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

  • All international applicants for whom English is not a native language must provide TOEFL scores, unless the applicant already has an undergraduate or graduate degree from a U.S. university.

  • Most successful applicants have TOEFL scores at least 550 (paper-based test), 250 (computer-based test), or 80 (internet-based test).


Financial Support

All applicants will be considered for tuition scholarships. Students admitted to the Ph.D. program generally receive a living stipend and full tuition support.

Students admitted to the M.S. program are eligible for tuition scholarships that cover a portion of the applicable tuition. The amount of tuition scholarship is determined during the admission process. Depending on the availability of funds, students applying for thesis M.S. degrees will also be considered for a living stipend. General financial aid information -- including a list of outside scholarships, fellowships, and other funding sources -- is available on the OHSU Financial Aid page.

Learn more about Financial Aid at OHSU


Non-Matriculated Students

Non-matriculated students can take a limited number of courses without admission to a degree program. To apply, please complete the Non-Degree Application Form

Please be aware that only 20 M.S. credits and 45 Ph.D. credits may be taken as a non-matriculated student.  If you intend to earn a degree at OHSU, please apply for admission well before reaching that limit.

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