Joint Healthcare MBA Professional Wins Scholarship from the Oregon Healthcare Foundation

Lori Frank Photo ~ (4)Lori Frank started her career in long term care as a CNA, while going to college and majoring in Occupational Therapy.  Lori was very influenced by two of the professionals in the rehabilitation unit of her local hospital.  "The unit director was a nurse that reached out to me and motivated me to work with seniors, based on my work and interactions with this population.  I was also fortunate enough to occasionally work side by side with one of my program professors, who worked as an Occupational Therapist occasionally on the weekends.  She also was very encouraging towards working with the senior population, and taught me a lot about achieving goals centered on the physical and emotional healing of these individuals."

After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy, Lori worked in a variety of health care environments across the United States.  "I feel that as a CNA, and ultimately as an Occupational Therapist I did have a positive influence in the lives of the seniors that I provided care and service to.  I feel this formed the basis for my desire to positively influence the long term care industry as well, in whatever way I could each day."  Lori has since worked in leadership positions in long-term healthcare settings for the past ten years and believes that the patients are in need and deserving of the best care and services possible at this phase of their lives.  "The staff providing these services are key to their success and need to be recognized and appreciated for all that they do.  These are all components of what I keep focus to in my work every day, as a leader in long term care."   Lori is currently employed as Senior Operations Manager in a geriatric program- Providence ElderPlace, part of a national program called PACE - Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.  Lori oversees and is responsible for the operations and teams of five Health & Social Centers, three senior housing facilities, and transportation and supply departments.   Lori learned of the OHSU-PSU Joint MBA in Healthcare management through her workplace.  "It was one of those times in your life, when something seems to keep coming your way, seems to keep being put in front of you ~ That is why I decided to apply and pursue this great and esteemed program." 

Lori has just completed the first year of the program, with the first cohort.  "The program is excellent.  I am extremely impressed with the faculty, term after term.  Jim Huntziker, the Director of the program is amazing.  My peers in the first cohort are really remarkable.  It is such a great mix of experience and backgrounds in and out of healthcare, with such a wealth of perspectives.  I feel very grateful to be a part of it."

"The coursework is absolutely applicable to my current position and my career in healthcare.  Every day I feel that there is content that I can apply to my work, to my leadership, or to the individuals I work with and manage.  It is very relevant to my current position, and will continue to be, as I progress in my leadership and career in healthcare. 

Lori has made two significant contributions to her organization directly related to the Joint MBA coursework.  "My summer project was related to developing a formulary for Complimentary & Alternative Medicine that we just formally rolled out this month.  The other project completed in ISQA 511, analyzing two different sizes of my program's site operations, actually assisted us in making a significant decision regarding what ideal size should we move forward with for our new site, coming on board in 2010 and 2011.  As well as myself, my organization is already benefitting from the content and coursework of the MBA program." 

Lori's main goal in the Joint MBA is fairly simple; "to become a stronger leader.  I feel fortunate to have a challenging and rewarding position currently, in a program that I strongly believe in.  I hope to gain a larger perspective, and increase my skills and understanding of being a leader in a healthcare environment.  There are multiple peers in my cohort that are engaged in the program to seek a new career path, and to seek management and leadership roles.  I think that all of these reasons, and the commitment to achieve completion of a MBA, are admirable." 

 Lori asserts that the Wendell White scholarship is significant in supporting her financial commitment to completing the MBA program.  Lori intends on trying to complete the program without incurring additional debt, in the form of student loans.  Providence (Lori's employer) also assists Lori in the form of an employee tuition reimbursement program.  "This scholarship covers the cost of a complete full term, plus.  It is extremely helpful in assuring that I continue the program, from a financial perspective.  The commitment to an MBA is twofold, in that you must have the initiative and commitment to expand your leadership skill and knowledge, but you also must be in a position to fund the higher education.   I am very grateful to receive this support." 

Could you tell me about your application process for the Wendell White Scholarship from Oregon Health Care Foundation?

The process required the completion of an application, including a number of essay questions, and two reference letters.  Following is some specific information from the application / process;

Wendell White Scholarship Information

The Wendell White Scholarship was established as a means to improve the expertise and quality of leadership in the long term care field by providing financial assistance for advanced education.

Candidates Must:
  • Have attained a management position within long term care and have the potential for advancement into greater leadership roles and executive positions.

  • Have an established career in long term care with a demonstrated ability and inclination to be in senior management and take on associated leadership positions within the profession.

  • Be accepted or enrolled in an accredited post graduate program in a compatible field of study such as a Masters in Business Administration, Health Care Management, Organizational Leadership or other relevant degree program.

Successful candidates shall demonstrate the following through their application responses, essay and personal recommendations:

  • Dedication to the long term care profession and high aptitude for excellence and quality in the field toward the implementation of best practices within the long term care environment to ensure quality of life for the residents of their community/communities.
  • A commitment to and love of learning, a passion for their work with high expectations and work ethic, and the ability to lead, mentor and team build.